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Dear Diary, February 27

Today I’m moving to another shelter and my dad said its better since its closer to school but it’s a little smaller so I was happy and sad since we were moving again I was also happy because we got closer to school. After we moved In I went to school and I was a little late. When I got to class we were doing a test that I forgot to study for, I was in trouble. I told the teacher that I felt sick and asked her if I can go to the bathroom I studied a little bit. I got back in class and started the test. I had only wrote 2 answers then the bell rang, blood rushed through me because I thought the teacher would take my test. She let me continue it and she said this is your last chance. So I was happy and kind of scared. Outside for recess Justin came and started bullying me he threw me to the ground and hurt my leg like he always did I dint like it. When school ended my friend Jimmy asked me if I wanted to play in the school yard after school I said maybe. When I got home I asked my dad and he said sorry we can’t go to school because I got work my dad worked at this little shop which dint get lots of attention. It will take a while and don’t you have homework to do? I said oh true I got 1 page of homework, my dad said I got to go to work I will be back at 9:00 you better be in bed sleeping.


February 28

I woke up and ate. I went to school and Jimmy was a little upset since I dint come to school I think he was starting to get suspicious. It was about the fourth time I couldn’t go. In class before recess we had to write a little poem that rhymes for the kindergartens. I was good at rhymes and liked them so I was happy. Outside for recess we were sliding down mountains it was really fun but Justin came and called us babies for sledding Jimmy got mad at him but dint do nothing. When school was done I was assigned 2 pages of homework when I got home  I told my dad and he said 2 PAGES! I told him its ok I will do them my dad went to work I struggled with my homework then on the counter I saw a picture of my mom , tears came to my eyes I was really sad that she was gone I wished she would have been here and my dad and I would be super happy but sadly she passed away in a car accident which makes me feel super sad my dad also lost his job that doesn’t pay a lot of money which we can’t really buy each other things for Christmas I got a Lego guy it was really cool I liked him.


February 29

At school they had a big chat about the terrorist who had done bad things until recess me and Jimmy where playing with his new toy it was fun until Justin took it from us and started running away and we told on him but he dint get in trouble. After Jimmy asked me if we can make Justin not pick on us and I said maybe. I felt like telling him I’m homeless but I dint want him to turn on me. We corrected our homework only half of my homework was done the teacher said it was my last chance so I got sent to the principals office and I had to tell him the truth of what I’m struggling so he would understand after the talk he understood and was happy I told him. I was still scared to tell him about Justin. At recess Justin threw me down in the snow and he started throwing snowballs in my face and the monitors did nothing.

When I got home to tell my dad he was sad he was sad he had lost his job. We had to change shelters. It was the worst day ever.


March 1 When I woke up my neck was sore because of the bed. The bed in my shelter was really different. The only thing I had brought to the shelter was my mom’s picture. When I got to school Justin and his friends laughed at my shirt because it was a dirty. I held my emotions in and continued past him.

When I got back home I was mad that he was still making fun of me after talking with the principle about it.

March 2

When I woke up I felt like I had to tell Jimmy that I was homeless I had kept that secret for a while. I got to school and I told him and he was surprised I told him he couldn’t tell anyone. Justin was in back of us and heard he started telling is friends and then at one point everyone knew I hated Justin I hated everyone for laughing at me. My only friend was Jimmy. I went to tell the principal and I told myself he better do something. When I went to go tell him Jimmy was there telling him already which put a smile on my face. The Principal said he will talk with Justin’s parents

March 3 Its Saturday and I am super bored so I went to go take a walk in the park.

When I got home people brought had brought some soup for everybody it was good and I was so thankful.

March 5

When I got to school Justin wasn’t there I was really happy and then the principal told me he was suspended and when he would come back he would apologize to Jimmy and I. Then the principal told me he had started a fundraiser for me and he told me the goal was to get enough money to pay rent to live in a house with someone for me and my dad which is about at the end of the month it was achieved my dad was really thankful.


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