Ancient Board Games

220px-British_Museum_Royal_Game_of_UrGames from the 20th century are different then games now. Now we play video games which are on tv`s. I play Rocket League and Call of duty black ops 3 zombies. I play these games maybe once a day with my friends. The oldest game that I’ve played is pacman on the GameCube. I really like playing monopoly and clues. I’ve also played chess, checkers, and twister.

Board games are really fun and some of them you need lots of strategy. The royal game of Ur is known to be the oldest board game in the world. They found one who dates to around 2600 B.C. This game is a rare game. This game was updated and made into backgammon 2000 years ago. Irving Finkel had discovered the rules in stones. This is the oldest game played in the world. Continue reading

What is Success?

What is success? In the oxford dictionary it sais that ‘’success is doing or getting what you wanted or intended to do or A successful person is a person that does well’’ That is kind of what I thought. I think success is when you achieve your goals.

Successful qualities can be perseverance, in Maslow’s hierarchy self esteem is super important, patience and passion (you need to be doing what you like). Success list: Sidney Crosby is pretty successful what makes him successful is that he practices a lot, he is perseverant he has good attitude and its his passion. Continue reading

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