Nature Is Super Important

4543215479_10ed457b0c_bNature is important because trees gives us air. Fruits and vegetables gives us food. Water gives us something to drink that’s important and good. Imagine living without water, fruit and vegetables and trees.

If everyone would pollute we wouldn’t have good water it would be dirty which you can get sick of. Fruits and vegetables are delicious and we should have them every day. Anyone can live in nature without needing anything extra. We would all die without water and foods. Continue reading

The Winter Spirit

Ken Danby, Spirit of the gameIt was a cold winter day cool wind was blowing everywhere, These 3 friends where cold but still played their favorite sport hockey. One was a goalie and the other two where players. They played games where the two players where versus each other. To have possession of the puck you would need to skate to the other side of the rink and skate back. The goalie had an advantage today because the wind was powerful so it was hard to skate back towards the goalie. Continue reading

World’s Best Game

Rocket_League_coverartI started playing a new game on my Xbox which is called rocket league and I really like it. It’s a game about soccer and cars. You start off with about 5 cars and you can unlock new cars every game. Every game you play win or lose it doesn’t matter you unlock something. You start off being a level 1 rookie then level 10 semi pro level 20 pro level 30 veteran it goes up to level 75 rocketeer which is the best. There is competitions for this game which I like to watch. Me and Landon: play this game and I’m level 28 soon a veteran and he is level 26. Now let’s talk about the moves. Let’s go easiest to hardest. Continue reading

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