Christmas Movie Watching

For Christmas we always watch the same movie we always watch home alone its been about 5

years. I really like for just an awesome Christmas joy cause its funny at some times. We also

watch the Grinch I think it is really good structured and really funny I would give it a 9/10. Another

one the Disney cartoon movie which is really a good movie for Christmas there is like a ghost of

Christmas and what is cool is that I think all the characters from Disney are in it. I would give this

movie a 9/10 cause it’s really fun and good to watch with your family and I would give Home Alone

a 9/10 too and the reason it’s not 10 is because there are a little parts where I guess it isn’t perfect

and here is my favorite Christmas movie. My favorite Christmas movie is Santa Buddies this movie

is part of the buddies series which is a really cool series with five dogs who are like really good

friends and they go on special missions together but the Christmas one is just really cool because

there is a lot of joy where the dogs help a lot but there is also parts where its scary and you

scared what happens next. I would give this movie a 10/10.

Gift Giving

800px-Red_Christmas_present_on_white_backgroundFor Christmas we usually go to about 2 places to see my family and at all the places we give gifts and get some. We start this December 24th and it ends the 25th the places change a lot like who’s house is it going to be at usually it’s at my great aunt’s house but now it’s at her daughter’s house which this is for the 25th and the 24th . We usually go to my dad’s friend’s house but now where going to my uncle new house and a lot of us are excited to see how it is and I can’t wait to see my cousins since last time we saw them was about 1 year ago and then my cousins in Ohio are going to be there too.

I am very excited cause after this event my cousins get to stay which I really like because we go shopping and we buy each other little surprises with our own money. We spend a lot of time together and when they leave we go to their grandparents on their dad’s side and they make Arminian food. It’s really good to eat they make a kind of bread with chocolate chips which is good and the rest I forget but its amazing food I wish I could eat more Arminian food.

My Christmas New Year

For New Year me my mom and my dad go to his friend’s house which is in the forest and he has a huge building next to his house and it has a mini bar, a dance floor, pool table, foosball he also has a DJ. He controls all the volume and usually I go check in back to see how it works and sometimes I get to control a song its very cool.  I’m the only young kid the youngest not counting me is like 17 years’ old and that huge building is his garage and sometimes we go down there and he as 3 skidoos 2 four wheelers its really cool. It’s fun since there are games for me and I play with like the youngest kids and we do challenges especially in pool and its fun and at mid night where all screaming. It’s even more party its really cool and also at the mini bar he gives out like soft drinks for some of the kids that don’t want beer which I find smart. There is also lots of food and there is like a special food he makes with cheese and its super good and easy to make Its really fun partying there and we end up leave around 1am to 2am I think it would be more fun If they had a little bigger place since there’s not a lot of place for the foosball but at the end of the day I get to make new friends and have lots of fun.

Harry Potter

thAW66OXZXI read a book this book was called harry potter I really liked this book after reading the book with my class which was book number one. I decided to read the second and after that I liked it a lot I had to watch the whole series. I think harry potter is really good I watched the first movie and watched the second I found out that the book had more details but the movies where faster to watch I watched half of the movie with friends or with my family.

I think that harry potter is a really good book to read when you want to because anybody from any age can read it since it’s not scary and its really awesome to have a magic wand that shoots spells. There is one part that I don’t like and the part is when the master of Hogwarts which is the school, Dumbledore dies I dint like this part since he was an important character in the movie since he was the leader but then like always harry potter is there to save the day.

I would give this book and movie a 9/10 and the fun part is that it’s really long so you better have time before you start this really cool series.

Julie Of The Wolves

I Choose the book Julie Of The Wolves because when I saw the back a was amazed since its about a young girl who gets accepted into a wolf pack. She was in the arctic lost and she is very lucky since she adapts to the wolves communications and movements. I also like wolves so I choose it.

My Best Tradition Ever

For Christmas during about 5 years we go to my dad’s friend’s house so does all our family we are about 25 and its really fun since they bake cookies and little treats we stay their till about 2am and they give us a gift and we chose to open there or keep it and open it at our house I usually switch every time and last time I got something awesome it was a dairy queen gift card and I ate so much ice cream with that it was fun Continue reading

Spooky Buddies Awesome And Cute Book

I read a book called spooky buddies it’s like the movies buddies but it’s the book this book is really detailed and this is like a little info so there are 5 puppies. They go on a school trip with their owners which are kids in about 5-6 grade the go to a house which is closed off and supposedly is haunted the dogs go through a hole and find a ghost puppy which is named pup he 30 years ago was trapped it in spell which made him a ghost. The puppies get scared and run out and pup tries to say help and he can’t get out of the house cause its haunted and then they run of not knowing in the future they will go back. Continue reading

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