Amazing book named Max

I read a book recently and it’s called Max it’s a really good book and at the time it was perfect since we were talking about war in our class and it was a good subject. I think that the book brings lots of emotions and it makes you feel weird cause your happy then curious then sad. The movie is an action movie and based of a true story movie cause it’s true that some armies have dogs in them to help and some die and some survive.

I like it how at the end and at the start it says some info like at the start it says that more than 3000 Dogs have served in the army. Think that whoever reads the book will understand it since it’s not that hard to understand I think 90% of people will like the book since it’s about a dog and dogs are awesome. Continue reading

DoGo Homelessness

Homeless: A homeless is when somebody doesn’t have a home and or lives on the street or both. I Was On Dogu News and I found a video and a woman was walking by and saw a man and give him about 6$ by emptying her wallet she also gave him her wedding ring which was platinum and diamond she only realized the next day and she went back to him and asked for it back and he gave her the diamond ring. I think that some of the homeless would have kept that ring and sold it and not be homeless but I find it incredible how he just kept it and gave it to her the next day. Continue reading

Top 5 Exotic Animals You Can Own

SugarGlider_CincinnatiZoo5. A sugar glider (200$) they are illegal in Ottawa and Ontario but the rest of Quebec they are aloud they are really cute pets that live about 10-15 years which is pretty amazing for a small pet but daily they need fruit and vegetable which is kind of bad but good for people who treat them good cause some people with animals will buy 2 and make them have a lot of reproduction for some money which is not right. They are really cute and small they are can of a mouse size they do better in pairs surprisingly they can still be loud like a small dog you can teach them tricks

800px-Red-necked_wallaby4424. A wallaby is like a kangaroo but it is smaller for the laws of having it and I found out its illegal in Quebec but not Ontario its 3000$ really expensive they are actually pretty cool it’s like having a mini kangaroo they are really cool you can impress your friends and they will probably be jealous cause u have a mini kangaroo that’s awesome. Continue reading

Blog Audit

Today I will be writing a blog audit. A blog audit is when you make a critique about your blog.


I will be starting off by talking about my blog theme. When we were picking our themes I got stuck with minimalize because It was blue and it had side columns but booklite had a huge banner which I liked so when people went on my blog they would know how I am. I’m really satisfied about my post but the one con that bothers me is that we don’t have sidebars and you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see our recent comments our recent post and the search bar the pros are there is a huge banner you can personalize and you can customize a lot of your page and change the colors.


I started blogging in late September 2015 I dint expect that I would have 7 Post in about 1 month and a couple days. I have written 1 post about exploration of an idea (Water On Mars) I have written 2 post about Top 5s which I really like doing since I get to think about who I want to pick. I wrote 1 post about creative writing which was yet my favorite post because it talked about my dream school I also wrote about fears. About my favorite animal and my favorite Video Game. I really like my about me and I think its suitable but I haven’t posted game reports or game reviews yet hopefully some few coding post will be posted Continue reading

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