Cool-Text-188240372985090Today is my last post it’s sad but now where on SUMMER BREAK!!! Blogging was very fun it was probably my favorite thing this year.

I learned a lot of things like when I first started I learned to upload pictures to the post when I was done now it’s really easy I think it would be harder to upload the picture if we wouldn’t know how and without pictures it would be a little plain. I also learned to add people to my blogroll and add widgets. At first I thought it would be super hard but now it’s simple once you learn it its easy.

I have improved typing speed for sure I used to type maybe 1 word per second now I type maybe 1.5 which is 90 words per minutes. I type quicker which is useful because if you type faster you can get work done. I think I improved in errors like in the beginning of the year I got more errors that I do now. I have improved quality and quantity, now before I would write 200 words like minimum and 300 maximum now I just write how much I can. I improved in Hour of code and scratch which are coding programs. Hour of code has different blocks and each box contains a certain code. The Starwars one doesn’t have blocks you need to type in your own code which is more fun but harder. I even made a power point of the hour of code. Scratch is a fun free mode program where you can make games. There is a tutorial on a website to make a pong game. My friend made a game for his class and it was very cool.

I really liked when you would make post and it would be like really easy and fun to write just like my rocket league post since I play the game and it was fun and easy. I also really liked searching for pictures because after you write your post you can go get a picture and if someone doesn’t understand it and they’re visual they can look at the picture and see the topic. Sometimes the picture supports the text very well and it’s a really nice picture.

I’ve always known of copyright but I would just take a take any picture and post it on social medias or websites without the source of it which is illegal but I only thought it was for movies. I thought if you copied a movie which is a sort of copyright was everything. This year we learned that it was with every picture , Well it depends if it’s Usage Rights>Labeled for noncommercial reuse if so you can take it but you need to write the link.

Ancient Board Games

220px-British_Museum_Royal_Game_of_UrGames from the 20th century are different then games now. Now we play video games which are on tv`s. I play Rocket League and Call of duty black ops 3 zombies. I play these games maybe once a day with my friends. The oldest game that I’ve played is pacman on the GameCube. I really like playing monopoly and clues. I’ve also played chess, checkers, and twister.

Board games are really fun and some of them you need lots of strategy. The royal game of Ur is known to be the oldest board game in the world. They found one who dates to around 2600 B.C. This game is a rare game. This game was updated and made into backgammon 2000 years ago. Irving Finkel had discovered the rules in stones. This is the oldest game played in the world. Continue reading

What is Success?

What is success? In the oxford dictionary it sais that ‘’success is doing or getting what you wanted or intended to do or A successful person is a person that does well’’ That is kind of what I thought. I think success is when you achieve your goals.

Successful qualities can be perseverance, in Maslow’s hierarchy self esteem is super important, patience and passion (you need to be doing what you like). Success list: Sidney Crosby is pretty successful what makes him successful is that he practices a lot, he is perseverant he has good attitude and its his passion. Continue reading

Nature Is Super Important

4543215479_10ed457b0c_bNature is important because trees gives us air. Fruits and vegetables gives us food. Water gives us something to drink that’s important and good. Imagine living without water, fruit and vegetables and trees.

If everyone would pollute we wouldn’t have good water it would be dirty which you can get sick of. Fruits and vegetables are delicious and we should have them every day. Anyone can live in nature without needing anything extra. We would all die without water and foods. Continue reading

The Winter Spirit

Ken Danby, Spirit of the gameIt was a cold winter day cool wind was blowing everywhere, These 3 friends where cold but still played their favorite sport hockey. One was a goalie and the other two where players. They played games where the two players where versus each other. To have possession of the puck you would need to skate to the other side of the rink and skate back. The goalie had an advantage today because the wind was powerful so it was hard to skate back towards the goalie. Continue reading

World’s Best Game

Rocket_League_coverartI started playing a new game on my Xbox which is called rocket league and I really like it. It’s a game about soccer and cars. You start off with about 5 cars and you can unlock new cars every game. Every game you play win or lose it doesn’t matter you unlock something. You start off being a level 1 rookie then level 10 semi pro level 20 pro level 30 veteran it goes up to level 75 rocketeer which is the best. There is competitions for this game which I like to watch. Me and Landon: play this game and I’m level 28 soon a veteran and he is level 26. Now let’s talk about the moves. Let’s go easiest to hardest. Continue reading

Activities To Do In Quebec

800px-Edifice-Price-Bassin-LouiseIn the summer

I would go to La Ronde because there are marvelous rides. My favorite one is the goliath it is really high the first drop is on an angle of about 100 – 120 degrees it’s scary. They also have water rides which can refresh you. You can also go to Aquarium de Quebec which is a big aquarium with a lot of cool things.

Cold Cold and more Cold

In the winter you can go skiing at mountains like Bromont. I really like skiing, I’m not the best at it but I like it. I know the basics. In the winter you can also try playing a winter sport like hockey. I think that everyone would like to go this place called Ice Hotel , you go to sleep in a room which is full of ice and its really beautiful.


Bromont is a hybrid you can go in the summer and in the cold winter. You can go skiing. The mountain is really big, I got lost with my friends once. You can also go on waterslides which if you are hot you can go in them. I find it cool that you can go whenever you want.


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ImageSource:  Wikimedia commons

Quebec City, the capital of the province. Québec, la capitale.

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